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for the Advanced Metacomposites Laboratory in Mechanical Engineering at The University of Akron.

Our research expertise and interests are in the field of advanced composites, mechanical metamaterials and biomimetic structures. The specific areas of interest for our research include the following:

  1. Mechanical and structural characterization of advanced composite materials using experimental techniques and computational models to clarify structural-property relationship, and to elucidate damage mechanisms and fracture behavior under static and dynamic loading in extreme temperature conditions.
  2. Building integrated models that focus on the process-structure-performance relationship in advanced metacomposite materials, of specific interest is prevention of failure, increasing survivability with enhanced functionality under dynamic loading in extreme environments.
  3. Designing macro-micro-nanoscale structures that affect/control/manipulate/attenuate wave propagation based on periodicity, resonances and negative effective material properties, with the aim for multi-disciplinary applications in aerospace, defense, structural and energy.

Our research work emphasizes impactful results based on practical designs and applications through the development of analytical methods, exploitation of computational techniques and verification using experimental testing.

Our research work has a multi-disciplinary interaction, and poses a commitment to educational and research excellence by strong engagement with government agencies and industrial partners.

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