K.T. Tan's Research Group

Invited Talks/Presentations

  1. K.T. Tan (2017). The Quest Towards Damage Tolerant Composite Structures, Harbin Institute of Technology, organized by Center for Composite Materials and Structures, 16-19 Aug, Harbin, China.
  2. K.T. Tan (2017). Locally Resonant Nanophononic Metamaterials: A Transformative Approach to Control Thermal Conductivity, The University of Tokyo, organized by Institute of Industrial Science, 9 Aug, Tokyo, Japan.
  3. B. Li*, K.T. Tan and J. Christensen (2017). Investigation of Locally Resonant Nanophononic Metamaterials with Ultralow Thermal Conductivity, 8th International Conference on Metamaterials, Photonic Crystals and Plasmonics (META2017), 25-28 Jul, Incheon, South Korea.
  4. K.T. Tan (2017). Modeling Advanced Metacomposites: Unique Control of Stress Wave Propagation, 9th International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies (ICMAT 2017), 18-23 Jun, Singapore.
  5. K.T. Tan (2016). Next Generation Aerospace Structures using Stitched Composites and Metacomposites, Seoul National University, organized by Department of Aerospace Engineering, 17 Aug, Seoul, South Korea.
  6. K.T. Tan (2016). Acoustic/Elastic Metamaterials: A Transformative Approach for Stress Wave Mitigation and Manipulation, National University of Singapore, organized by Department of Mechanical Engineering, 20 May, Singapore.
  7. K.T. Tan (2016). Next Generation Aerospace Structures using Stitched Composites and Metacomposites, Nanyang Technological University, organized by Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, 19 May, Singapore.
  8. K.T. Tan (2016). Exploring the Natural and Unnatural World of Material Behavior through Bio-Inspiration and Human-Imagination, Spring 2016 Integrated Bioscience Seminar Series, organized by UA Department of Integrated Bioscience and Biomimicry Research and Innovation Center (BRIC), 18 Mar, Akron, OH, USA.
  9. K.T. Tan (2015). Impact Performance and Dynamic Behavior of Composite Sandwich Structures at Arctic Conditions, ONR Solid Mechanics Review, organized by ONR SMP Program Manager Dr. Yapa Rajapakse, 2-4 Dec, Arlington, VA, USA.
  10. K.T. Tan (2015). Biomimetic Structures for Impact Protection, Biomimicry Focus Group Workshop, organized by UA Biomimicry organizing committee [Biomimicry Research and Innovation Center (BRIC)], 12 Nov, Akron, OH, USA.
  11. K.T. Tan (2015). Dynamics of Heterogeneous Materials, Dynamics of Heterogeneous Materials Workshop, Basic Research Innovation and Collaboration Center (BRICC), organized by AFOSR and ARO, 23-24 Sept, Arlington, VA, USA.
  12. K.T. Tan (2015). Speech from Representative Alumni, Tokyo Metropolitan University 1st Annual Alumni Meeting of Asian Human Resources Fund Scholarship Program, 29 August, Bangkok, Thailand.
  13. K.T. Tan (2015). Roller Coaster Mania, The University of Akron, Center for Child Development, Camp Wise STEAM Summer Program, 13-17 July, Akron, Ohio, USA.
  14. K.T. Tan (2015). Impact Resistance of Stitched Composites and Metacomposites, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Materials Science and Technology Division, Mechanical Properties and Mechanics Group, 7 April, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.
  15. K.T. Tan (2015). Next Generation Aerospace Structures using Stitched Composites and Metacomposites, NASA Glenn Research Center, Materials and Structures Division, Mechanics and Life Prediction Branch, 23 March, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
  16. K.T. Tan (2014). My A*IF Experience, A*STAR Biopolis, 21 January, Singapore.
  17. K.T. Tan (2012). Impact Damage of Composites, Purdue University, 24 April, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA.
  18. K.T. Tan (2010). Research on Interlaminar Reinforcement of Stitched Composites, Presentation by International Students of Asia on Advanced Research (Tokyo Asian Month), 8 Nov, Tokyo, Japan (in Japanese).
  19. K.T. Tan, N. Watanabe, H. Hoshi and Y. Iwahori (2010). Interlaminar Fracture Toughness of Vectran-Stitched Laminate, Nippon Steel Corporation, 21 May, Tokyo, Japan.