K.T. Tan's Research Group

Aerospace Computations Class of Spring 2018

Instructor Evaluation (Words from students): 

“Very clear and cares about our learning. Homework relates to in class material well.

“Very well organized and clearly taught with intent for students to actually learn the material.

“Dr. Tan is one of the best teachers ive had at UA. He gives great notes and the homework helps with understanding the difficult content.

“I felt that the professor did a great job explaining this material. I gave a lower score in this section, only because I still need to under some of the material better. This class is a very difficult topic and I never thought I would have understood it as well as I have from this class.

“very good class, it made a somewhat unclear topic very understandable.”

Course Evaluation Report Summary

Aerospace Computations (Spring 2018)
Instructor’s Overall Teaching Effectiveness 4.857
Instructor’s Overall Mean 4.857
Same Level Courses Mean
College/Department Mean 4.007