K.T. Tan's Research Group

Aerospace Computations Class of Spring 2019

Instructor Evaluation (Words from students)

“Dr. Tan is an excellent professor. He cares for the student’s development and can clearly explain the material.”

“Dr. Tan was always excited to be in class and was clearly passionate about his work. He gave great examples that were easy to follow and would re explain them if we did not understand.”

“Overall a great class. I really felt grateful when Dr. K.T. evaluated our homework and reviewed it, especially when we as a class, appeared to all not understand certain points.”

“Dr. Tan’s willingness to continually change and improve his classes is a great change from most engineering professors. His care for his students development always shows and he is a great professor!”

Course Evaluation Report Summary

Aerospace Computations (Spring 2019)
Instructor’s Overall Teaching Effectiveness4.385
Instructor’s Overall Mean4.420
Same Level Courses Mean
College/Department Mean4.520