K.T. Tan's Research Group

Aerospace Structures Class of Fall 2015

Aerospace Structures Fall 2015

Instructor Evaluation (Words from students):

 “Very in detail lectures that covered important information for the course. We were tested on what we learned. K.T. is one of the best professors I’ve ever had without a doubt.”

“Dr. Tan taught the class very well. I have learned more in this class than I have in most other courses at the university. He really cared whether or not you pass the class and genuinely wanted you to succeed. K.T. Tan is an awesome professor!”

“He is the best teacher I have ever had. If more teachers were like Dr. Tan the University would be a very competitive engineering school. He was amazing.”

“Everything, the class was very reasonable and I learned a lot. We need more teachers like KT. KT truly cared about us and our learning, easily a top 3 teacher I’ve had and would take him for every class if I could.”

Course Evaluation Report Summary

Aerospace Structures (Fall 2015)
Instructor’s Overall Teaching Effectiveness 5.000
Instructor’s Overall Mean 4.940
Same Level Courses Mean 4.095
College/Department Mean 4.164