K.T. Tan's Research Group

Aerospace Structures Class of Fall 2019

Instructor Evaluation (Words from students):

“I loved Dr. Tan’s style of teaching and how passionate he is about the material. As well as how much he wanted us to learn and do well in our class. This class definitely required effort but it paid off if you were diligent and cared enough to learn the material.”

“He is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable.”

“Thank you!! Professor Tan did a great job being intuitive to his students and what we needed from him as a professor.”

“Absolutely phenomenal professor. Will schedule to take him for future courses.”

“Extremely clear and concise. Dr. Tan makes it easy to learn.”

Course Evaluation Report Summary

Aerospace Structures (Fall 2019)
Instructor’s Overall Teaching Effectiveness4.474
Instructor’s Overall Mean4.518
Same Level Courses Mean
College/Department Mean4.391