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Aerospace Structures Class of Fall 2014

Aerospace Structures Fall 2014

Instructor Evaluation (Words from students):

 “Every part of the course was done exceptionally well. Every lesson was thorough and enjoyable to attend. Dr. Tan always reached out to the students and tried to make it entertaining while being informative. The demonstrations were always simple yet well done. Excellent class and should stay in the curriculum.”

“My favorite class this semester! Really enjoyed the subject and Dr. Tan is a very good teacher and really cares about his students.”

“Dr. Tan was an absolutely wonderful professor. Any chance I have I will take a course from him. The material was challenging but he made it easy to understand. He gave us enough homework to aid in our understanding of the material but not enough to overwhelm us.”

Course Evaluation Report Summary

Aerospace Structures (Fall 2014)
Instructor’s Overall Teaching Effectiveness 4.769
Instructor’s Overall Mean 4.808
Same Level Courses Mean 4.041
College/Department Mean 4.161