K.T. Tan's Research Group

Bioinspired Structures and Materials Summer 2021

Instructor Evaluation (Words from students):

  • “The ability to keep all students engaged despite the online learning set-up is handled very well. There is a forced interaction that feels very natural.”
  • “The interactive learning is a fun way to learn through new and interesting topics.”
  • “The kahoot game was a great touch for participation.”
  • “The hands-on learning style is great. It allows students to dive deep into a specific topic of their choice and present their understanding to the class.”
  • “The course helps students grow a habit of reading paper, journals and articles.”

Course Evaluation Report Summary

Bioinspired Structures and Materials (Summer 2021)
Instructor’s Overall Teaching Effectiveness4.571
Instructor’s Overall Mean4.725
Same Level Courses Mean
College/Department Mean4.249