K.T. Tan's Research Group

Tools for Mechanical Engineering Class of Fall 2019

Instructor Evaluation (Words from students):

“Dr. Tan provided very detailed lecture notes on Brightspace.”

“I liked that he gave examples over the various material that he was teaching. Particularly, KT Tan did a good job of providing examples when going over MatLab.”

“I enjoyed having Dr. Tan as a teacher. He did a solid job at making this class interactive.”

“You can tell that Prof. Tan genuinely cares about his students and wants us to succeed and learn, and I think that helps you as a student.”

“Very kind and cares about students.”

Course Evaluation Report Summary

Tools for ME (Fall 2019)
Instructor’s Overall Teaching Effectiveness4.452
Instructor’s Overall Mean4.526
Same Level Courses Mean
College/Department Mean3.949