K.T. Tan's Research Group

Tools for Mechanical Engineering Class of Spring 2017

Instructor Evaluation (Words from students):

“It’s a fun course and I learned a lot.”

“I really enjoyed the lessons in this course. It was actually the class that I was most excited to come to every single day. The homework was challenging, but felt very rewarding once you completed it.”

“(Dr. Tan) does a good job explaining the content. If you need extra help he is always available to help out rather it is office hours, or in class.”

“(Dr. Tan) did a great job teaching the course overall, was enthusiastic, and showed concern for the academic growth of all the students.

“K.T. is awesome. That is all.”

Course Evaluation Report Summary

Tools for ME (Spring 2017)
Instructor’s Overall Teaching Effectiveness 4.286
Instructor’s Overall Mean 4.404
Same Level Courses Mean
College/Department Mean 4.117