K.T. Tan's Research Group

Japan Visit Dec 18

Prof. Tan visited Japan for an International Collaboration Project as part of Institute of Global Innovation Research at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT). Special thanks to Prof. Ogasawara (TUAT) for his kind invitation and warm hospitality. Appreciation goes to fellow colleagues at various universities/institutions for hosting Prof. Tan’s visit and engaging in fruitful discussions.

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology: Prof. Ogasawara

Nagoya University: Prof. Yoshimura, Prof. Goto, Prof. Ishikawa

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency: Dr. Aoki, Dr. Hoshi, Dr. Takeda

The University of Tokyo: Prof. Yokozeki, Prof. Higuchi

Meiji University: Prof. Iwahori

Tokyo Metropolitan University: Prof. Watanabe, Prof. Asai, Prof. Inasawa