K.T. Tan's Research Group


Integrated Bioscience Seminar

Prof. Tan presented the Integrated Bioscience Seminar entitled “Exploring the Natural & Unnatural World of Material Behavior through Bio-Inspiration & Human-Imagination”. His talk summarized recent research results and achievement by his students in the Biomimetic group and Metamaterials group.

Visitor from JAXA

We hosted Dr. Akinori Yoshimura from Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) for his visit at UA campus. Dr. Yoshimura introduced JAXA and the use of composites in aerospace structures, and gave a seminar on his research work regarding numerical simulation studies for composite aerospace structures.

CCD Camp Wise STEAM Summer Program 2015

Mahfuj and Prof. Tan participated in community outreach program at UA’s Center for Children Development (CCD) by engaging with K-6 children on the topic  “Roller Coaster Mania”. Interesting concepts like dynamics, kinematics, energy, gravity and friction were explored through experiential learning…